Hello! My name is Daniel Deloretta and I am a web designer, web developer, graphic designer, copy writer, search engine optimiser, cook, house-keeper, the "computer guy" every one goes to, a gamer, all-round nice guy, beer aficionado and exactly one half of a loving relationship.

I am 29 years old and I currently live in Busselton, Western Australia. I moved to the beautiful Western Australia in November 2009. It's a decision I don't think I will ever come to regret. That's me, over there →

As you have probably guessed, I make websites. I also develop websites too What's this?So what's the difference between website design and website development?
They are both in the same industry, but design is making the actual design — usually initially in a graphics editor like Photoshop or Fireworks. Designers sometimes code the website too

Whereas development is making the website work. This means sometimes changing the design into code so it shows up in various browsers correctly and also the functionality of the website - usually with JavaScript. Website development also includes the "back-end" development — the stuff you don't see, like the databases and server side code.
. In fact, I pretty much do everything associated with websites. Optimisation for search engines, design, development, copy writing, database design, site stats & reporting, usability & UX, UI design, application design and I can also count to 1,023 using only ten fingers.

I have been designing websites (and developing them) for just over ten years. I started way back in 2000, when the web was a totally different place then. Web trends were significantly different back then - you might actually say the trends back then were laughable. Of course, back then what we were doing was considered the cutting-edge of web development.

I still like to keep on top of current web trends and technologies. I have also ensured that I am able to provide development solutions on as many platforms What's this?A platform can be an Operating System or programming language.

These are what allow your website to function.
as possible.

Oh. Before I wrap this up, I thought it might be worth noting that I wrote absolutely everything on this site. From the CMS framework all the way to the the jQuery scripts and everything in between. The CMS What's this?A CMS is an acronym for Content Management System.

This allows you to change the content of your website and allows you to create new content right from your browser.
I currently use has been developed entirely by myself.

Even though I prefer to write my own applications and code all my websites by hand, I can still design you a beautiful WordPress, Drupal or Joomla! theme.

featured work

Virgin Media

Virgin Media wanted a database that provided various information on faults with their ADSL service, such as fault locations, times, durations and ownership. The application produced historical data in tabular forms as well as graphical.

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